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Bottle (with water inside)

Clearer is naturally stone-purified water from a deep aquifer on the North Coast of Ireland. It’s a particularly good example of the quality of water we’re used to in developed countries.

We’re putting it in bottles, and selling it. Then we’re using the money to change lives, for people locally and globally.

Why it matters


Clearer is a social enterprise, so all of our profits go back into Clearer, where we use the money to change people’s lives.


We’ve built a relaxing working environment for disadvantaged people who find it difficult to get jobs, or are unable to work in typical working environments. Read more.


People should have access to water. It’s a human right, but it’s also our responsibility.

We’re focusing our profit on digging wells to bring sustainable water supplies to people in Burkina Faso. Read more.

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we’re spending our money.
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We’re pretty serious about transparency, down to every last bottle.

Every bottle of Clearer is fully traceable, from the team member who bottled it, to the temperature and weather conditions during bottling, to the vegetables growing in our garden at the time.

We think it helps show how much of a difference each bottle can make.

Trace your bottle here, or see a sample report from our latest bottling run.

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a bottle makes, live
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Where to buy Clearer

We’re currently looking for stockists in Northern Ireland, Ireland and Great Britain.
Please get in touch if you know a stockist who might be a good fit.

Buy online Kind of

If you’d like to support Clearer, we have 2 options.

Buy water for someone else

For £10, you can buy set of jerry cans, so that a family in Burkina Faso can transport water from one of our wells to their home.

Buy empty water bottles

If you really want, we’ll ship you a case of 6 empty water bottles, anywhere in the world, for £15. If you’re lucky enough to have clean water where you live, you can refill them again and again. Just remember to wash them out. 100% of the profit from this sale will go to our well-digging programme.

Contact our team

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