Clearer Water News

Clearer excited about the acquisition by Soileir

Feb 28, 2022

 Clearer Water situated on the picturesque shores of Larne Lough and known for its premium, ethical bottled water has been acquired with immediate effect by the Soiléir Group. 

Clearer Water is a naturally filtered, alkaline, spring water taken from a deep aquifer located at Maghermorne on the North Coast of Ireland. The water is of exceptional quality with a pH of 7.8 and rich in essential minerals. 

Clearer Water began life as a social enterprise company and was a proven leader amongst both social and corporate enterprises for championing a mixed ability workforce. Clearer provides training and employment opportunities for socially disadvantaged young people. 

Soiléir is committed to maintaining the ethos and integrity of the Clearer Water brand, they have retained the existing staff and have exciting plans to create further career and employment opportunities for young people with additional needs, as well as, aspirations to expand Clearer Waters product lines. 

Soiléir’s dedication to their own and Clearer Water’s mixed ability workforce, their recognition of the social value and their desire to manufacture traceable, ethical products will become an exemplar of how business can be better through inclusive working practices. 

Soiléir’s success will challenge others to reassess their stance on social responsibility and we hope other companies will rise to the challenge, for the benefit of our communities, our economy and the NI business sector.