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Clearer Water Announces Larne Football Club as Hydration Ambassadors

Mar 28, 2022

Clearer Water is extremely proud to announce that we have partnered with our friends at Larne Football Club to become their Hydration Ambassadors.  

Larne FC has made huge strides on and off the pitch since the investment of Kenny Bruce. They’ve also won as many admirers for their work within the community as they have for their brand of football at Inver Park. The football club is at the heart of the town and has done so much to rebuild connections and restore a sense of pride in a very special part of East Antrim.

This is an exciting opportunity for Clearer Water to help increase our brand visibility across local sports. As part of the partnership over the coming weeks, you will start to see the Clearer Brand feature across Inver Park.

Welcoming the new partnership, Larne Football Club’s General Manager Niall Curneen said: “Being a Hydration Ambassador for Clearer Water is something we have been really excited about.

We have been using their products for the past 2 years with our first team. Hydration is something that is very important for our players.

Most importantly for us, Clearer Water reflects community values that are similar to our own.  Their all-ability workforce is something that we are keen to support through buying their products.”

Joint owners of Clearer Water and Co-Chairmen of The Soilèir Group also added:

Ross Lazaroo-Hood, “It’s an honour for us at Clearer Water to have Larne Football Club join as our Hydration Ambassadors. As a local man myself, I have long been inspired by Larne FC and its brilliant work within the local community. Both Clearer and The Club share the same ethos and aspirations; to promote diversity, to be leading socially responsible employers that champion a mixed ability workforce and to provide career development and training to socially disadvantaged young people. 

Larne FC recognises Clearer Water is “Water That Helps People”, together we will ensure the sporting world hydrates better as well as help our local community Be the Difference – it is an invaluable partnership.”

Sitki Gelmen,” We are very proud to have Larne FC as our Hydration Ambassadors. Top athletes need to operate at the very highest level and suitable hydration is key to their success whether that be in day-to-day training or matches. Clearer Water’s unique mineralogy will keep the player at their best and we believe our partnership is a natural fit.

Clearer Waters dedication to manufacturing traceable, ethical products will become a prime example of how businesses can BE and DO better. We are excited to have a top sporting partner and can’t wait to see what’s next.”