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The Clearer Water Story

Clearer Water is situated on the picturesque shores of Larne Lough and produces premium, ethical bottled water.

Clearer Water is a naturally filtered, alkaline, spring water taken from a deep aquifer located at the hamlet of Maghermorne on the North Coast of Ireland.

The water is bottled on site and is of exceptional quality with a pH of 7.8 and rich in essential minerals.

Learn about the team that fills our bottles

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OUR progress and the future

Clearer Water began life as a social enterprise company and was a proven leader amongst both social and corporate enterprises for championing a mixed ability workforce.

View our “Products Page” for more information on our growing Clearer Water range as well as our commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious manufacturing practices.

Moving forward; Clearer Water will be the exemplar that businesses can BE better and businesses can DO better, after all, we are Clearer Water…”the water that helps people.”