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Clearer Water is situated on the picturesque shores of Larne Lough and produces premium, ethical bottled water.

Clearer Water is a social impact company, we prioritise and support positive change to meet the needs of our immediate and wider community.

Your bottle of Clearer Water was produced on the beautiful tranquil shores of Larne Lough, situated on the rugged County Antrim coast.

Clearer Water is naturally filtered through cretaceous limestone which provides its distinct mineralogy and refreshing taste. Our premium, spring water is bottled at source, packaged and dispatched by the Clearer Water’s mixed ability workforce.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to undertake meaningful employment and Clearer Water’s diverse and inclusive team reflects how important it is for businesses to close the employment gap for additional needs adults.

Thank you for choosing Clearer Water, by doing so you have helped us realise our commitment to always be “The Water That Helps People.”

The water is bottled on site and is of exceptional quality with a pH of 7.8 and rich in essential minerals.

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OUR progress and the future

Clearer Water began life as a social enterprise company and was a proven leader amongst both social and corporate enterprises for championing a mixed ability workforce.

View our “Products Page” for more information on our growing Clearer Water range as well as our commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious manufacturing practices.